Midnight Snack 007
Posted December 13, 2021 at 10:00 am

wow Lucky that's brutal

thanks for reading the mini comic! Lucky meets Tyson at school and they become fast friends, and here's Lucky having a sleepover at Tyson/Vick/Dominique's house. this is the first time Lucky meets Vick!

NEXT MONTH we have a super adorable GUEST COMIC by an amazing artist and friend that i can't wait to share!! and then starting in February.. CHAPTER 2!!! i've already started posting pages for chapter 2 on patreon if you want to read them now! 

ALSO i started posting ROD on tumblr a chapter at a time! feel free to follow and share!

(and BTW thanks so much to those who visited me at ECCC earlier this month! it was super fun and amazing to meet some fans and readers!!)


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