Posted May 28, 2024 at 10:00 am



i'm excited to announce that chapter 5 of Ride or Die LAUNCHES NEXT WEEK ON JUNE 4TH! with an all new WEEKLY UPDATE SCHEDULE!! that means you can get your fix of street racer yaoi every Tuesday!!

starting you guys off first with this mini comic that takes place between chapter 4 and 5! that's right, Sawyer and Kerry are... y'know......... really good gal pals 😳 expect to see more of them in the comic!

i'm super excited for this chapter!! i've been reworking the script for the past few months to take it to a level i'm satisfied with, so i hope yall enjoy!

SPECIAL THANKS TO TESS STONE for doing some of the thumbnails this chapter!!

btw, my shop is having a sale from now until "sometime in June" so hop on that before everything's sold out! (patrons get an extra 20% off!)

if you want to read a month+ of updates ahead of everyone else, head over to patreon and you can see my backlog for just $3!!!


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